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Five Guys Enterprises LLC (doing business as Five Guys Burgers and Fries) is an American fast casual restaurant chain focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries, and headquartered in Lorton, Virginia, an unincorporated part of Fairfax County. The first Five Guys restaurant opened in 1986 in Arlington County, Virginia, and by 2001, the chain had expanded to five locations throughout the Wash


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Clerk/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Lifting 50 lb bags of potatoes and cutting them was enough back breaking then pulling out the pails of water full of potatoes was a killer. Cons: Heavy lifting"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"Never wokring there again ita not worth it rather work no wherre be homeless before i work there again location in martinsburg is the worst one they have no idea how to run a a place"

Shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"The job itself was great the management however well I can say you don't have to know much to work here. Favorites always got treated great everyone else was just someone they could bark orders too. Cons: Everything else"

Line Cook/Prep Cook (Current Employee) says

"Management is lazy the gm walks around all day on the phone and so do the shift leads or they in the office sitting down doing nothing. Nasty attitudes and unprofessional. Cons: Everything negative"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"After only working for a week I got fired because of asking questions about temps and how to do my job. Managers treat you with little respect. Said that I would work for 10 hours the first week to train instead gave me 25 hours and literally was shown nothing. Crew members wanted me to put a sharp knife in soapy water. That’s an osha violation. Said while I have big dreams not everyone has the experience I do with a degree. It’s sad that this is what happened. I bet it would be a good place to work for if you actually had someone teaching you something instead of throwing you to the sharks. Cons: No actual one on one training"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nothing much to say but that five guys needs to pull all its stores from encore if they ever plan to keep there good name ,the management is terrible!!"

Supervisor/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dont wait your time, with this company. I spent 4 years of my life that was dedicated to improving everything about the location and was treated like trash on the way out."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worst place to work not even worth writing about, The district Manager was very disrespectful , lazy , who does not help a bit . Never thank the workers for anything , depreciate all the hard work done , not even a thank you , instead he comes and start looking for any mistakes and always unsatisfied , besides having a spy friend in the store to report to him every single details from his point of view regardless of the really happens he is always right. you can buy a needle without his approval . so ended up buying cleaning tools out of our pocket so he can make his bounce. workers have no benefits at all even shift supervisors who have been working full time for years."

Five Guys Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"I am 16 and was looking for my first job. I applied for the job through indeed and within an hour the manager called asking if I’d like to do an interview. The ‘interview’ was just him explaining the job and telling me how the people who worked there were some crazy characters. I started working in mid-July and didn’t get my paycheck until late September. The manager didn’t have me sign any paperwork or give him my ssn until September, which I should have taken it upon myself but this being my first job I didn’t know. It took them more than a month to process my paper work? When I finally did get paid I quit. Maybe other locations are different but the store I worked at was awful. Would not recommend! Cons: Poor management, peers hated management, employees were not working"

Crew Member and Cashier (Former Employee) says

"They keep the tips down town The most unprofessional rude and careless manager ever! I couldn't get time off when a close family member died he laughs and jokes about me having kids. He lies and make promises that he dont honor. Cons: They dont care about their employees"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Above minimum wage, part time only. No benefits, poor training, poor management. Can not receive full time unless you are management, heavy and strict work load, favoritism and discrimination.I do not recommend. Cons: Everything else"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This job was the job that made me get out of food service for good, it could be hiring to fill a spot more then it was training and hiring those who would truly want to work. Lots of no shows, very little staff for triple the work. Leaving managers to fend for them selves. Stressful situations truly were not supported by management. Cons: Too stressful for flipping burgers and frying fries."

Polyvalent (Current Employee) says

"Contenue du coup de la vie en suisse nous ne somme pas payés assez pour pouvoir vivre et nos heure supplémentaire ne sont pas payé Cons: Heure supplémentaire non payer etc ...."

Food Service Worker (Current Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Crew (Former Employee) says

"I was promised at my interview I’d be training for manager, they never saw it through and would hire in people to be managers instead. At my interview as well, I was promised 40 hours a week, but they started consistently scheduling me 20-30. Even when I told the district manager my need for more hours, he still only scheduled me 20-30. I was a hard worker as well, would work extra days if I could, I always stayed late, even if it was 30 minutes to an hour so people could get their breaks. When one manager would teach me something about the job, 4 other managers would tell me it’s wrong and teach me 4 new ways to do something. Whenever I got frustrated, the general manager referred me as being too emotional. I’ve also had other managers get annoyed with me when I made complaints about how I would be taught something one way then everyone else would say it’s wrong. If you can deal with those headaches, the decent pay for an easy job is worth it I guess. Cons: No benefits, bad managers, low hours."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Even on bad and good days the energy from some staffs always made you feel better. so even when I felt sad about a test or was really tired I’ll go to work and I’ll just get a good feeling. Cons: Hour breaks"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Your five guys red deer,alberta should know how to handle people.standard procedures without consistency.anger management attitude and professionalism too."

Cook/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"managers have no sense of respect for anyone, horrible place to work.They need to really look into ALL Their employees because they are RUINING the place. Cons: managers"

Crew Member and Cook (Former Employee) says

"Overall just a hostile work environment. Management was never on the same page with crew members and consistently belittled crew members. Very stressful trying to please each different manager"

Shift Leader/Manager (Former Employee) says

"When I first was hired i was happy to start a new chapter in my life for myself and my family but after 5 days of work with really bad training by the summerlin locations manegment I was let go for no reasion but the GM personal feeling things would not work out with no real backing to her reason as to why that is very disrespectful and unprofessional Cons: disrespectful and unprofessional"

Mona J. says

"Bought two burgers which were pink inside had too much toppings and were soggy. Fries were soggy as well All for 21.16. Ech"

Patricia Lucas says

"Allowing customers in there with no masks. When I questioned the employee I was subject to unbelievable laughing and ridicule from both employees. Shame on Five Guys!!!! Lost my business!!!"

Ben Happs says

"All they do is make a profit from getting orders wrong, SCAM GUYS!"

Raining Song says

"The burger was okay though it was overpriced. Maybe I just got unlucky but the fries were only slight warm and pretty soggy. I also got a malt milkshake which was really good but still felt pretty overpriced"


"Hamburger price 9$ are kiding ill have stake for that price no more 5 guys who gives a sh.........t"

Sarah says

"Went to the New Albany, Indiana location. The dump truck load of fries were limp, greasy, and barely warm. I don’t care if they gave me a huge serving if it’s nasty food. Gross!!! The onions and mushroom add on to my burger contained hard crunchy bits of veggies that were overcooked. We paid over $25 for 2 burgers and 1 fry. Hubby and I agreed that a nearby national fast food chain has better burgers and fries for more than half the cost. We won’t be back — even if the food is FREE!"

Pavel Dolber says

"We came to 5 guys at Caesar’s bay shopping center to buy burgers. When we came in ,all the customers are wearing masks. So we are next to cashier to pay and we see he is wearing N95 respirator mask , however guy that making burgers on the stove has mask on his mouth so he is breathing on the burgers he prepares through the nose.Do you think it’s right??? I don’t.😡😡😡 Left place without buying anything. That is how COVID 19 spreads."

Paul Greene says

"Waited 30 mins in the parking lot. Their phone was busy. They never brought out my order. Finally went to McDonald's. Save yourself the frustration, go there instead."

Adrian Sebborn says

"Today was my first and lasst visit to a 5 guys in Pittsfield, MA. They make a big deal about cooking in peanut oil and that is what you get in avundance. The burger was dripping in oil and the bag was saturated in the stuff. Worse, I selected lemon soda from the Coke dispenser. It seems the lemon concentrate had run out so all I got was moldy soda water. I doubt the water lines had been cleaned since the dispenser was installed. Unlike all their competitors, they offer no in-store wifi. All in all, I'd say I was doing others a disservice not to warn them to avoid this place."

francesco says

"I live close to the shop in Chiswick so for my first order at Five Guys I went for the click and collect option. Online they give you a message not to show up early. I turned up 2 minutes before my meal was due and they missed the deadline, I had to go and ask for it. Bought the large fries, they droppped them all at the bottom of the bag, no container at all. I got food in take away containers even in the poorest African places but not in Chiswick.
I have the pictures of the paper bag which adsorbed the oil from the loose fries, happy to upload them if requested. The fries themselves where rather disappointing (not peeled) and they smelled like the oil has not been replaced for very long time. The cheese burger was quite nice but then again for 9 quid I rather had 3 Big Macs. Mr Ronald MacDonald can rest easy if this is the best competitor."

Margaret Carroll Zimmerman says

"We went to five guys and ordered
We got our order and the burgers where very thin and dry. I was so disappointed i will never go back. After being cooped up so long because of the virus.
Looking forward to a good burger. Oakleaf Jacksonville Florida."

Len stone says

"I used to love it, but will never use again or at least until the end of pandemic. During my last visit couple weeks ago in Lakeland, FL store, right after I ordered, there came a group of six adults - all without masks. Their order was accepted, and I had to wait in the same room with them. The salesperson did not react to my questions, why masks are not enforced. Very irresponsible from the store."

Morris Burke says

"Love their burgers and hotdogs. Their fries are a mess. They drown them in seasoning and they still taste lousy. It's just this massive amount of soft, limp mash potatoey fries. I usually don't get their fries. I go to the Mediterranean restaurant on 6th and callow and get their fries. Crisp, slightly golden fries that snap when you bite into them with just the right amount salt. Simple and delicious. 5 Guys needs to improve the quality of their fries."

Bmm says

"I’ve been a Five Guys customer for many years. I understand about Covid and things being different, but I may not be a customer for much longer. I got a burger and fries, to go, yesterday 11-28-2020 and the burger was so-so and the fries were terrible......they gave me all the scrap pieces. Not one fry was longer than 2 inches. Not Good"

Bob Wilson says

"Are u frigging kidding me??? 2 burgers for $25, small, not hand pressed, pulled the patties out of a box. McDonald's food is better. What a joke!!!"

Barb Knorr says

"Usually the bugers are
good. But, today they we
re greasy & the fries weren't crispy."

Stephanie says

"My family ate at five guys for the first time and We were not happy at all. The prices are ridiculous! This place is not at all family friendly. We have 5 people in our family and the total was $78.00 that is just for burgers fries and drinks. I don’t even want to know what it would have cost if we got milk shakes! Beware everything you order you are charged separately! Sorry will never go there again."

Tami says

"Ordered door dash. Picked up at Eastpointe. The food was over cooked/ burnt. Ordered little bacon burger and fries. Two orders. Called back to explain to manager. He said it's a busy day and they precook their bacon in the morning. What? Still shouldn't be burnt. Then he said he would check and hung up the phone on me. I decided never to eat their food again. Especially after being on hold for so long."

beth says

"My first time here. Had to have it well done.. no custom . means crappy meat.. flavor so so should have gone to Millers can have it done the way I want it. Tried a new place. Disappointed. Overpriced. Wont be back."

Kimber Harper says

"Expensive, burger was delicious but on the small side, ff were very salty if i wasn't a heart patient in would of loved them."